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Business Philosophy Overview


MiVeda Enables You to Earn More Money

MiVeda offers a unique opportunity for you to change your life and family lifestyle by earning extra income from part-time involvement in a wholesome business with generous returns.

It is not a “get rich quick” program, but requires working progressively towards generating the extra income you desire. However, it is definitely easier than working in most traditional jobs. As has been said before: “If you want to make a change in your life, you need to make a change in your life”. Said another way: “Insanity is expecting different results, but doing things the same way”. MiVeda offers you a chance to change your lifestyle by giving you an opportunity to do things a different way.

The MiVeda opportunity allows people to gain financial freedom and independence.

The MiVeda opportunity is based on decades of practical and successful experience as well as detailed research and analysis of similar companies around the world, and particularly their Payment Plans. As a result of this research, MiVeda concluded that the Payment Plans of most of the companies studied failed to deliver adequate returns for the activities of participants.

MiVeda’s Rewards Plan was developed to be generous and fair to Members, and to meet the following criteria:

  • Pay the highest possible payments to all Members
  • Be simple and easy to understand and easy to explain to others
  • Pay new Members generously
  • Reward Members early in their career
  • Make it easy to refer new people to the MiVeda Shopping Cart website
  • Provide incentives for Members to train and help their associates and to build stability
  • Be a long-term plan that rewards Members who have built a successful business and wish to rely on the income from their Membership in retirement
  • Encourage all leaders within the MiVeda business to work together as a team, while allowing them to manage their Memberships with autonomy and flexibility
  • Pay leaders (who develop large and successful businesses) very large amounts of money
  • Provide additional rewards that are extraordinary and unmatched
  • Include community support through charitable involvement, especially for underprivileged sections of society and also educational facilities

The MiVeda Rewards Plan meets these criteria and is inspired by the underlying principle that MiVeda’s Members are integral to the success of MiVeda as a company.

This principle is reflected in our mission to help and care for the community but above all, to care for our Members.