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Further Reading

The MiVeda opportunity is designed to provide Members with a generous passive income.

We invite you to read the Robert Kiyosaki books, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, The Cashflow Quadrant, Rich Dad's Guide to Investing and Retire Young, Retire Rich to gain some understanding of the difference between active and passive income.

Working in the "E" quadrant (Employed) and the "S" quadrant (Self-employed) produces only active income and has many associated drawbacks. We recommend strongly that you read Kiyosaki's books to evaluate the business logic of what MiVeda offers.

The "B" and "I" quadrants (Business and Investment) are where you can make substantial money long-term, with fewer problems than people who are Employed or Self-employed. We think most people would agree in principle with this logic.

Unfortunately, the issue for the average person is that it is difficult to establish a "B" or an "I" quadrant business. However, a MiVeda business allows a person to do this with limited money, little spare time and no experience. We confidently believe that there is no better way for the average person in the community to generate more cash flow.

Due diligence and evaluation is critical in any business enterprise. We therefore recommend strongly that you read about the industry.

There is a short e-book that provides a good overview and explains what to look for and how to evaluate a business such as MiVeda offers. If you would like a copy of this free e-book, simply ask for it by clicking here and we will be pleased to send it to you.

A Final Word about Your Decision

Sometimes people see a great opportunity but are hesitant to get involved. The reasons for this are usually fear of failure and sometimes fear of success.

However, we at MiVeda believe that if everyone knows the facts, they will realise that MiVeda is an excellent stand-alone business opportunity and that they need not hesitate to get involved. Our preference is for people to carry out their own evaluation. So we aim to give people all the information they require to be able to make a fully informed decision and be confident about registering and starting to build a business.

Brian Tracy, world-renowned author and motivator, studied, researched, wrote and spoke for decades in the fields of economics, history, business, philosophy and psychology. He was a top selling author of over 70 books and wrote and produced more than 300 audio and video learning systems[1]. He gave some fantastic pointers on how people can become successful. We have uploaded some notes taken at one of his seminars. Whether you register as a Member with MiVeda or not, you would benefit from reading these tips for success. We are happy to provide them for you. Click here to download the PDF file.


[1] Brian Tracy International, San Diego CA 92103, USA.