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Hybrid Plan - the Advantages


The MiVeda Rewards Plan is a unique Hybrid Plan. It incorporates several of the best aspects of other traditional concepts and draws them together into a hybrid. It delivers a range of innovative and generous bonus payments.


The front end of the plan is UniLevel.

Traditional unilevel plans typically provide for Members to be paid well early in their careers but usually do not provide Members with adequate or fair long term income. As well, unilevel plans tend not to encourage Members to build a stable business.

To avoid these flaws, MiVeda has an Hour Glass Plan capable of delivering high long term income and rewarding Members who build stability and depth.


The back end of the plan is a Pooled Breakaway plan.

In the back end, a pooled bonus structure provides a monthly pool based on a percentage of turnover, which is shared by all qualifying Members. This pooled bonus structure allows MiVeda to reward senior Members with extremely high payments.

The pooled bonus structure also fosters cooperation and team building among MiVeda Members. It provides incentive for senior Members to collaborate as a team to grow their MiVeda businesses, because the larger the total monthly pool is, the larger will be their respective payments from the pooled bonus structure.


You can read more about hybrid plans in the e-book My Way to Succeed. If you would like a free copy of this e-book, then simply ask for it by clicking here.