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Getting Paid

Retail Profit, Commissions and Bonuses

MiVeda provides Members with products at Members Price (MP). This price is heavily discounted below the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) – generally between 20% to 35% cheaper (GST included). Therefore if a Member sells products directly to a customer, the Member can charge RRP and make immediate retail profit from the sale.

However, even easier than selling products personally to customers, MiVeda has set up a Discount Customer (DC) promotional (promo) code system. As such when a Member first registers with MiVeda, they are allocated a promo code (the member has a choice of what this could be – eg numeric, alphabet or alpha-numeric). Thus when a Member talks to a contact (friend, relation or acquaintance) they can recommend or refer that person to the MiVeda shopping cart ( to read about products (and buy them if they want). However the Member can also pass on their promo (discount) code to their contact and if the contact wishes to buy a product/s then they can use the promo code and get 15% discount off RRP. Clearly this is an attractive offer to purchase fantastic products – so there is a high level of acceptance of this type of referral and consequent purchase. If this eventuates (and it frequently does) then the Member has a 12% commission allocated to their commission account which is paid to the Member and the end of the relevant month provided they satisfy the minimum monthly activity level requirement.

Further, there is a Retail Pooled Bonus paid monthly. If a Member has an accumulated total of 3000 CV (or more) per month of either personal purchases (for personal use or retail sales) and/or total DC purchases; then there is 3% pooled bonus (of all MiVeda monthly sales) which is equally shared between all qualifying Members (to a maximum of $1000 per month per Member).

MiVeda has also allocated 15% of all online sales volume (ie RRP sales) to a Online RRP Sales Pooled Bonus which is equally shared between senior leaders (Emerald and above). To our knowledge this has never been done before and is obviously a major advantage for Members because effectively they get a share of MiVeda profits without any personal input of their own.