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Specific Comparative Advantages of the MiVeda Plan

 Below are the very specific advantages that the MiVeda Rewards Plan offers.

  • Dollar: Credit Value Points (CV) is 1:1 on all products except 4 lead products. Typically (in most cases) then a 1:1 dollar:CV ratio will pay twice as much in payments as a ratio of 1:2 and three times more than a ratio of 1:3 (and of course much more if the ratios are higher still).
  • Four lead products have been created to have the price point as low as possible to easily allow customers to make a considered decision to buy products and try them. MiVeda and Members make less on these 4 items, but there will be greater sales volume to compensate for this. The objective is to get people trying the products because, once tried, they “sell themselves” since they are so good. Thus "up selling" and "cross selling" are much easier.
  • Retail Profit can be made on the RRP compared to the wholesale Member Price (MP). As such there can be an immediate profit generated - irrespective of how long a Member has been involved with MiVeda (hours or years).
  • Required monthly “Leg” volumes are very low (starting at 500 CV) in regard to the early leadership criteria. These requirements slowly increase (moderately) as higher leadership levels are obtained (about 2000 CV maximum). This allows Members who are just starting their career to enjoy rapid promotions and higher monthly Payments than if the criteria amounts were all at the maximum level (which is typical with most other companies).
  • Minimum monthly Organisation Total Group Volumes start at a very low requirement (1200 CV) and increase slowly to a maximum at the Super Diamond level. This allows for quicker and easier promotions through the levels so monthly Payments are higher for recently starting Members.
  • The first part of the Rewards Plan is the UniLevel section. This is a unique plan because of the “Hour Glass” profile which pays much more than traditional plans. This is fully explained on the MiVeda business website. The UniLevel percentages are paid to 6 levels deep.
  • There is a 12% payment on first level Member purchases which enables quick profits to be made. Further, Members get paid 12% on the MP of any products purchased by any Discount Customers they introduce. From time to time, MiVeda may pass out leads to qualified leaders to help them set up extra Discount Customers.
  • There is a Car Bonus (or House Bonus) available. Click here to view the details and criteria to qualify for this prestigious payment.
  • Another payment is the “Breakaway” pooled bonus section. The pool is generated each month by a stipulated percentage of all monthly MiVeda sales volume being placed into pool and equally divided between the qualifying various leadership levels that Members achieve in each respective month. Various Breakaway levels are achieved by reaching monthly Leg and Team sales volume criteria.
  • As such, Emerald, Diamond, Executive Diamond and Super Diamond pools of 1%, 1%, 2% and 3% respectively are generated and shared each month. Note that at the higher levels, the pools are greater percentages and they are shared between fewer qualified Members (hence the pooled monthly payments are more).
  • These pooled bonuses have very positive consequences. In other companies, when a leader first achieves a leadership level, usually their sales volumes are low and so they get a smaller monthly payment. However in the MiVeda pooled situation, the volumes are greater and as such, leadership pooled bonuses are higher for the newer leaders. These higher payments are a great incentive for new leaders to push onto greater achievements. However for established leaders who are still building a larger team, larger product sales volumes are generated so their payments also increase. In the case of well established leaders who want to reduce the time and effort they put into building a sales team, their monthly payments are maintained at a higher level (rather than falling off which can often happens in other companies).
  • There is a Pooled Retail Leaders Bonus. MiVeda is effectively an online e-commerce portal (shopping cart) which sells its own products and pays “referral payments” to those who refer people to buy MiVeda products or become involved (and who purchase products). However because MiVeda has its own online presence, some sales are generated from spontaneous online purchases. The advantage of this is that such a sales system generates greater Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and so MiVeda brand recognition quickly grows (which helps Members expand their business due to the extra credibility status created). However MiVeda realises that this has a slight negative impact on Members’ sales and therefore MiVeda has allocated 15% of all online sales volume (ie RRP) to a pooled bonus which is equally shared between senior leaders (Emerald and above). To our knowledge this has never been done before and is obviously a major advantage for Members because effectively the Leaders get a share of profits without any personal input of their own. This exemplifies the ethos that MiVeda has – to make sure that Members always receive a fair reward for reasonable effort.
  • There is also Pooled Retail Bonus which is generated for Members who have personal purchases (eg they use and sell the products at a retail mark up) and also set up Discount Customers who purchase products (ie the Members hand out 15% discount vouchers to people who want to buy the products online rather than personally buy RRP from Members). If these respective purchases total more than 3000 CV per month for a particular Member then there is a 3% pooled bonus (of all MiVeda monthly sales) which is equally shared between all qualifying Members (to a maximum of $1000 per month per Member).
  • There is a Training Bonus which is allocated to training for Leaders. This pooled bonus is 1% of all MiVeda monthly sales volume and is allocated to providing leadership training via; seminars, webinars, interstate events and possibly overseas incentive trips.
  • MiVeda will support certain Fundraising activities. MiVeda will work to assist charities and educational facilities to raise funds to continue their valuable work in the community. This may be by different methods and anyone who is interested in fundraising is invited to contact MiVeda and provide relevant information.
  • Lastly it should be noted there are no registration or renewal fees to be involved with MiVeda.