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The MiVeda business has been designed to enable people to promote MiVeda from their home or office.

The focus has been orientated around the products rather than marketing or sales. As such, our objective is to introduce as many people as possible to our fantastic range of products, in order to provide the best possible opportunity to benefit the general health and wellbeing of the community. Essentially we aim to do this using an Affiliate or Influencer type program (with many "add ons").

We have several presentations below to help you understand what MiVeda can do for you. We are confident that you will gain a much better understanding once you review these. Essentially these presentations answer the repetitive question of "Why".

  • Why Certified Organic?
  • Why no harmful ingredients?
  • Why would I want to generate an extra income?
  • Why MiVeda?


YouTube Video Presentation

To make it easier for you, we have converted an audio PowerPoint presentation into a short 4 minute video and uploaded it to YouTube. This will help in your evaluation process and explain why MiVeda has been set up the way is has:


Other video (YouTube) presentations are available. Contact Us for more information about these or ask the person who referred you to this site for the appropriate links.


Audio Presentations:

The following audio files provide a good overview of the fantastic MiVeda products and also an outline of the marketing concept (how we seek to introduce the community to our products by personal referral). 

The MiVeda business is essentially an "on-line" business which allows Members to purchase products at a much reduced price. Members can also send or give information to other people in the community so they can review the health opportunities that MiVeda offers. This might be by a personal recommendation to use the products (purchased online – with or without a discount voucher) or by sending them various educational material (such as the information below).

MiVeda provides a variety of on-line presentations for people to review. We encourage you to carefully review these presentations.


ULTIMATE CHOICE (12 minutes)

Listen to how you can change your life. The Ultimate Choice business opportunity is explained with details of how and why you might like to consider getting involved.


DID YOU KNOW? (7 minutes)

Discusses various health issues facing people in the community, and in particular the “free radical” attack you and your family are exposed to on a daily basis from potentially harmful ingredients that may exist in your everyday household products.



World famous cricketer, Greg Chappell, discusses why and how to obtain more money, time and financial security.