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The MiVeda business has been designed to enable people to market MiVeda from their home or office.

Our focus has been directed towards marketing, with much less emphasis on sales. As such, our objective is to introduce as many people as possible to our fantastic range of products, in order to provide the best possible opportunity to increase the general health and wellbeing of the community.

We have several presentations below to help you understand what MiVeda can do for you and also review the products. We are confident that you will gain a much better understanding once you review them.

YouTube Video Presentation

To make it easier for you, we have converted a PowerPoint presntation (see below) to a video and uploaded it to YouTube so you can download the video by clicking on this link:


If you have people you want to show this video to, just send them a copy of this link and they will be able to view it on the computer at home or office.

Some people might like more specific details about the special benefits MiVeda can provide - especially in comparison to other companies. Therefore we have created a video which outlines some of the fantastic features MiVeda can offer to you. Not all the benefits have been explained because there are too many to easily deal with - but the video definitely provides a good overview.

Go to this link - or copy and paste the URL into your webbrowser:

To further assist you and others to understand why MiVeda has been set up the way is has, we have created a short (5 minute) video which offers a simple explanation about MiVeda:

PowerPoint Audio-Visual Presentation:

You can download the same audio-visual presentation (see YouTube Video above) which explains the MiVeda concept and how you can earn extra income. This is a Microsoft Power Point Slide Show Presentation which has been uploaded to the link below. If you have the Power Point program installed on your computer (ie you use Windows software) then you can play this file on your computer. This is a large file (due to the audio) so it will take a while to download (depending on your connection speed).

Therefore it would be prudent to SAVE this file onto your computer hard drive so you can access it again later (without having to wait long). Furthermore, you could share the Saved file on a USB stick with anyone you would like to show the MiVeda business plan. Usually the file will open on your computer screen but you may have trouble viewing it. In this case save the file and play it from your hard drive (but you will probably need Power Point installed on your computer).

MiVeda Business Presentation

A Simple Explanation about MiVeda

Visual Presentations

You can download the same presentation as above but as a PDF file which will outline why this business is so smart but it will also give you an overview of how it works (it has no audio).

There is also a simple explanation about MiVeda provided here (PDF file).

Additionally, you can download a different PDF file which further explains how MiVeda works and what you need to do to make it work for you. Or you can download this Power Point Slide Show by clicking here.

There is a short PDF presentation about how this business model works - compared to traditional retail. Or review this same file as a Power Point Slide Show by clicking here

There is also additional information to review below.

Audio Presentations:

The following audio files provide a good overview of the fantastic MiVeda products and also a outline of the marketing concept (how we seek to introduce the community to our products by personal referral). 

The MiVeda business is essentially an "on-line" business which allows Members to purchase products at a much reduced price. Members can also send or give information to other people in the community so they can review the health and wealth opportunities that MiVeda offers. This might be by a personal recommendation to use the products (purchased online – with or without a discount voucher) or by sending them various educational material (such as the information below).

MiVeda provides a variety of on-line presentations for people to review. We encourage you to carefully review these presentations.

ULTIMATE CHOICE (12 minutes)

Listen to how you can change your life. The Ultimate Choice business opportunity is explained with details of how and why you might like to consider getting involved.


DID YOU KNOW? (7 minutes)

Discusses various health issues facing people in the community, and in particular the “free radical” attack you and your family are exposed to on a daily basis from potentially harmful ingredients that may exist in your everyday household products.



World famous cricketer, Greg Chappell, discusses the concept of obtaining more money, time and security through the concept of a multiple commission company.