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Spam Policy

Spam Policy

Spam is the sending of unsolicited (unrequested) emails to people unknown to the sender (or on a non-consenting emailing list) and often the receiver is directed to a particular website.

Spam can be considered “junk mail” in an electronic form. In many cases, the hosting provider (ISP) is unaware that spam is being sent. Further, hosts of websites that are referred to in spam emails may also be unaware that the respective websites are associated with spam. If authorities or the ISP receive complaints it can jeopardise not only the sender but also the hosting provider's ability to operate (eg they can be “black listed”).

MiVeda does NOT and will not tolerate spam.

Therefore MiVeda will NOT allow you or any Member to send spam email (or have any association with it). We will not put the business operations of MiVeda and all our Members at risk because someone uses the MiVeda website or other website as a reference for spam emails.

If there is any complaint about spam associated with a website on our host server (i.e. a Member’s website which is provided to the Member when they register with MiVeda), we will suspend that respective website. If, after investigation, we find that there has been a breach of our spam policy, MiVeda will delete the offending website from our host server and MiVeda will terminate the offending Member. The offender will NOT be eligible for a refund or compensation in any form.

If you have a complaint about being spammed by someone who has a website that is hosted with us, please contact us immediately at: Contact Us

You may never spam via the MiVeda service or send spam that in any way implicates our services. This includes mentioning our email address or URL in a bulk message or including these addresses on a bulk-advertised web page. You may not hide behind “throw away” web pages or fax-response “front ends”.

If you spam, even if our services are not directly implicated (i.e. the spam in some way eventually leads the prospect to our services), you will:

  • have your MiVeda account terminated immediately without refund
  • be charged a $1,000 cleanup fee
  • be reported as a “spammer” to your own separate provider
  • be reported to any other appropriate authorities