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The Basics



There is no registration fee to become a Member of MiVeda.

Credit Value (CV) Ratio (ie Point Value or Payment Value)

The CV for a product is what a Member gets paid on when that product is purchased.

The CV:dollar ratio is 1:1 for most products.

We believe we are the only company with a 1:1 ratio on almost all of our products. This means that MiVeda pays you more for product purchases than most other companies. 

Retail Profit

Retail mark-up is a profit margin that can be charged and kept by a Member if they sell a product to someone.

A Member has discretion to decide the retail margin that is charged on a product – on the strict proviso that the total price for the product is not higher than the Recommended Retail Price (RRP).

The RRP is approximately 20% to 35%  above the Member Price of Products (MP) and includes all applicable local taxes.

MiVeda also boosts the retail profits available to Members with payments from a retail pool to those who achieve sales volume thresholds.

Our objective in having immediate retail mark-up and shared retail pool payments is to provide an option for early and quick cash flow returns to Members should they want this choice. 

Promotional Vouchers (Discount Code)

As additional incentive, if a Member gives a 15% discount voucher (promotional code) to any person then:

  • That person will get 15% discount off the RRP of any products they purchase
  • The Member will be paid 12% on the Member Price of the contact’s order, provided that the Member’s exclusive discount code is shown in the order. Member criteria apply.

This is also applicable to recurring orders provided the purchaser continues to insert the Member’s discount code at "Check Out".

Shared Pooled Leadership Bonuses

As Member Leaders grow their overall business volumes, they become eligible for additional leadership bonuses. As overall company business volume grows (ie sales volume increases), the total Leadership Bonuses that are paid can increase.

Minimum Monthly Activity for a Bonus

A Member must reach a minimum total purchase threshold of $150 of products in the respective month to receive a payment. This can be in one order for the month or multiple orders if they wish.

Annual Renewal

Members must renew their Membership annually. There is no renewal registration fee.

Product Delivery

Local freight rates will be charged to have products delivered by standard delivery to the nominated address of each Member. Orders above $200 will be FREE using standard delivery.

Special Express delivery may be possible, but charged at a higher rate. Contact Us if you have any questions about this.

Generally, the nominated delivery address cannot be a Post Office or PO Box but must be a home, office or residence nominated by the Member. Contact Us if you have any questions about this. 

Extra Information

The information outlined in this small section is purposely brief. More detail is provided throughout the rest of this website. We especially recommend you explore the video information provided in this Presentation page.