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 MiVeda Product Guarantee and Product Return Policy


1. Products may be returned to MiVeda or the Member from whom the product was purchased within 14 days of delivery (“Cooling Off Period”).


2. During the Cooling Off Period, products may be returned without cause, however the customer will be required to provide proof of purchase.


3. Persons who returned product to MiVeda or the Member from whom the product was purchased within the Cooling Period will be entitled to a full refund for the product less any taxes and/or shipping costs.


4. Unsatisfactory product cannot be returned to MiVeda unless the Member has first contacted and obtained from MiVeda an “Authorisation to Return Number” for the product.


For the purposes of this Section ‘unsatisfactory’ in relation to MiVeda product excludes:

a.  Product where a significant proportion of the product has been consumed and no reason (satisfactory to MiVeda) for its return is given to MiVeda;

b.  Product that is temporally aged; or

c.  Product that has been damaged by the Member or any third party.


5. MiVeda provides the following product guarantee for the benefit of the customer:


If in the opinion of a customer a MiVeda product is unsatisfactory, it should be returned to MiVeda via the Member between 14 and 60 days from delivery together with:

a.  Proof of purchase by the customer;

b. “Authorisation to Return Number” obtained from MiVeda in relation to the unsatisfactory product;

c.  Completed" Product Return Form".


6. Subject to any applicable law the Member is required to replace, exchange or refund the full purchase price to the customer for the unsatisfactory product.


7. MiVeda will not replace or deliver replacement product to the Member (including for the benefit of the customer) until the unsatisfactory product, the “Authorisation to Return Number” and a completed Product Return Form have been received and approved by MiVeda.


8. If upon receipt by the Member of product from MiVeda, the product is ascertained by the Member to be unsatisfactory, the Member may return such product to MiVeda between 14 and 60 days from receipt of the product and MiVeda will provide to the Member a replacement product equal in Credit Value (CV).


9. MiVeda may not refund to the Member any moneys paid by the Member for unsatisfactory product. However, if MiVeda elects to refund such moneys and bonuses have been paid by MiVeda in relation to such product, the refund will be reduced by 50% to account for bonuses already paid by MiVeda to Members.