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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the products?

MiVeda produces a range of over 30 health & wellness and personal care products.

Our products include ranges in: hair care, skin care, personal care, dental care and nutritional supplements.

MiVeda's products are certified natural and organic (at the right price) and therefore they do not contain any potentially harmful ingredients - they are safe for you and your whole family to use (and this is certified by an independent party – ACO certified to COSMOS standards).

BUT at the same time, MiVeda products are also very effective - i.e. they work amazingly well! We think our products are so good, they sell themselves.

What is CV and what is the CV on each product?

CV is an an abreviation for the term Credit Value. This more fully explained on this page.

The CV ratio allocated to MiVeda products is usually 1CV = $1, but as explained in the link above, the CV amount is actually product cost price (ie not cost price + GST). Therefore the CV amount is usually Product Member Price (MP) less GST (which is 1/11th of the MP). However in a few cases, the CV amount is about half of the cost price (less GST). These few cases are shown in red in this PDF file which lists all CV amounts for the MiVeda products.

Why do the products sell?

MiVeda customers purchase our products because they understand why MiVeda products should be used in preference to many other commercially available products sold in shops and supermarkets. We would encourage you to fully research the ingredients in our products, and compare these ingredients to those used in the products you may currently be using.

We expect you will discover our products to be of much higher quality and without any potentially harmful ingredients. Essentially, MiVeda's product quality is exceptional and certified as such by ACO to COSMOS standards.

Why are MiVeda’s products so different?

MiVeda's products are a real benefit to the community.  

Our products are different to the general commercial products you might buy in a shop or supermarket. Our products are also different to those sold by many or most of our competitors.

The "MiVeda difference" is based in the formulations and ingredients of the products, i.e. MiVeda products incorporate advanced scientific knowledge and bridge the gap between ageless human needs and the benefits of modern science as well as the effectiveness of ancient Veda traditions from many countries.

The key to our products is they have no ingredients that COSMOS standards consider to be harmful, and our products really work amazingly well.

Should I research MiVeda’s products?

If you research scientific literature, you will begin to understand that almost all commercially produced cosmetic or personal care products (like shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, skin creams, etc) can have ingredients that can be considered to be irritants or potentially harmful ingredients (e.g. sodium lauryl - or laureth - sulphate, propylene glycol, formalin).

You will also find out why these ingredients, and many others being used in commercially available products, are what we consider to be potentially harmful to humans and can possibly cause long term problems for people who use them. 

MiVeda products do not contain potentially harmful ingredients. We specifically make our products natural and healthy so you and your family can use them safely. To give you absolute assurance this is the case, we have paid a very large amount of money and spent a great deal of time to get ACO certification to COSMOS standards.

How will the products be delivered?

We send our products by freight courier from our warehouse to our customers and Members. 

How does this business work?

Essentially MiVeda is an Online e-commerce portal (or shopping cart). However we know from over 30 years experience that the best way to develop “Brand Recognition” is by personal referral. So we encourage Members to refer people to the MiVeda website to either purchase the products or set up a business. MiVeda rewards Members who refer to our site by paying monthly payments when these referrals are successful.

However this business is different to traditional businesses. The MiVeda business can be operated from your home (or from wherever you like) and the concept has proven to be very lucrative and profitable.

As well, MiVeda provides a marketing and training system to assist people to build a profitable MiVeda business – and this marketing and training system is free. By using the marketing tools or discount vouchers, you simply pass out appropriate information to different people. If they are interested in either making additional income or purchasing our fantastic products, then you can either register interested people with MiVeda (to become a Member) or you can give them a discount product voucher (Promotion Code) and they can purchase their products at 15% off RRP - but you get an ongoing payment for the referring them to purchase products.

How much does it cost to register with MiVeda?

MiVeda does not charge a registration fee. Registration is free. Annual renewal is required but again, renewal is free.

Is this a professional business?

In addition to buying our products, a significant number of our Members want to make some extra income. Those Members elect to set up MiVeda as a professional business. Those Members also have access to some of the most professionally produced marketing and training tools available in the industry. MiVeda is particularly a great business opportunity for professional "Influencers" and social marketers.

How can this business model work?

Basically MiVeda is a personal referral business. MiVeda pays people who successfully refer people to purchase products Online or who set up a business of their own. To help you understand this model more, you can download a short PDF presentation.

How do I get paid?

MiVeda is an Affiliate/Influencer Marketing Company that pays people to increase MiVeda sales from multiple sources:

  • Online sales (no real involvement from Members)
  • RRP sales to customers (generating quick retail profit for a Member)
  • Discount Customer sales (Members hand out discount vouchers to people)
  • Through sales from Members in their team (Unilevel)
  • Pooled bonuses from monthly MiVeda sales (criteria dependant)
  • Car Bonuses or House bonuses (criteria dependant)
  • Retail bonuses (if required monthly sales volumes are achieved)

How will you calculate bonuses?

All payments are calculated via your Member ID number (which is specific to you).

You will also receive an online statement (every month) which gives you the complete details of the payments you have earned that particular month.

MiVeda pays its Members via direct transfer payments to each Member’s bank account (which is why we request bank details from Members when they register)

Can I build this business without having to sell to my friends and family?


MiVeda encourages its Members to do whatever they are comfortable with. If you find MiVeda products to be as excellent as we do, we would love you to recommend them to people you know and your friends.

But unlike other companies, we are not in the business of making our Members sell products to friends – but if you like the products, why wouldn’t you recommend them to everyone and just give them a 15% discount voucher? They will be happy and so will you!

What marketing tools would I use?

When you register and become active (purchase your first order) with MiVeda, you will be provided with training and marketing tools that are exceptional in quality and content.

Is there money to be made from this business?

Yes. Our view is that, to become successful in this industry, a Member needs: the right company, great products, an excellent Rewards Plan and good training and marketing support - all of which are available with MiVeda.

What reason would I have to do this business?

We provide our customers with the choice to buy natural, healthy, safe, certified organic products. 

Many of our Members also choose to work MiVeda as a business. For these Members, we provide an opportunity to markedly increase their income, security and the time available for a better lifestyle.

For example, we find that most people need more income. Some have a reasonable income but work long hours to make their money. We help our Members earn more income and create more available time by the “leverage” effect that we are able to generate. We also provide short term security (in the event of accident or illness) and long term security for retirement.

So in summary: Money, Time, Security and Great Products are the prime reasons you might want to become involved with MiVeda.

How do I find the time - because I do not have any?

This is the most often asked question.

Firstly, one of our main focuses is helping our Members leverage their business so it creates additional time for lifestyle, time and money freedom. So... if you find yourself never having any time, then you really need this business because it can give you the time freedom and lifestyle you are looking for.

Secondly, you do not need a lot of time to become successful in this business. Our effective and efficient marketing and training tools allow our Members to become successful by working a few hours per week (especially when compared to the long hours involved with a traditional job).

So why would I get involved now?

It is simple. We are looking for people who want to increase their income and who are prepared to work hard for the next 5 to 10 years to establish their business. The sooner you become involved with MiVeda, the quicker we can help you achieve your goals of more income, more time and better financial security.

Why is the MiVeda business so good?

We earnestly recommend that you carefully review the MiVeda concept and philosophy. MiVeda seeks to improve the health and wealth of the community and our integrity is unsurpassed. MiVeda can provide high percentage monthly payments and our products genuinely help people. That all adds up to a great business opportunity.

Why is MiVeda an Online company?

MiVeda feels the online e-commerce portal is the best method to commercially expand our business around Australia and the world in a quick and viable way. However we also know from experience that personal referrals exponentially increase our sales.

It also offers the general population a fabulous chance to set up their own home based business and generate a passive income.

The MiVeda model is the best way to achieve our goals of rapid expansion, excellent products, fantastic service and offering great value for everyone.

Why is MiVeda a "smart" business?

This is a very complex question and the answers are numerous.

Briefly, we allow you to develop "leverage" and therefore this provides time freedom as well as extra income.

MiVeda also allows you to get involved in your own business.

Please click here to read a presentation which explains “smart” business in more detail.

Please also click on the following link for more information:

This PDF file details how it "fits together".

Can I get a free car?

Yes. MiVeda rewards qualifying Members with a special Car Bonus which can be used to contribute towards car payments.

You can also use the special bonus for house mortgage repayments. So you can choose which of these special payments (house or car) you want.